Equity Cheques in the Mail
May 28, 2020

Pioneer Co-op Equity Cheques â€” in the mail in early June. 

The Pioneer Co-op Board of Directors is pleased to announce that 2019 was another year of strong earnings for the organization with sales of $309.8 Million. Given this financial success, the Board has authorized an equity allocation of over $11 million from the 2019 earnings. This represents 1.5% on Food, 5% on Agro, 6.25% on Farm Fuel, 5.25% on Service Station, 1% on Fertilizer, and 3.5% on Pharmacy. Pioneer Co-op has allocated $61 Million in equity over the past 5 years and $62.4 Million has been paid directly to members in cash.

The Board of Directors has approved a general repayment of equity to 50% of the 2019 allocation, were mailed to members at the beginning of June, while the remainder of the funds were deposited to members’ equity accounts. 

It pays to be a member of Pioneer Co-op! We are proud to give back to our members and our community!